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We are visionary entrepreneurs with a great love of social media and an even greater love of endless talking. So, we combined the two. We love to see the concept of sharing reach new heights, and we enjoy listening almost as much as we do talking. Every new user excites us and helps us realize the personal and unique aspect of voice recording. We believe talking needs a comeback, and we are thrilled to see users who feel the same.

From Tel Aviv to New York, Los Angeles to London, Sydney to Rio and everywhere across the globe. We started in 2014 and are continuing to grow at an amazing speed thanks to our dedicated team and inspiring community.

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Press Releases

Dec 19, 2017

This ‘Twitter for voice’ app is the most fun I’ve had on social media in years

I had more fun with HearMeOut, a social-network built around 42-second voice recordings, than I’ve had with any other social media app to date, though I might be using it wrong. The app is designed to be the Twitter-for-voice, which I’ve heard before over the past few years…